About Happy Crow!


Handmade soy candles combined with artistry.
Made in Maine, USA

Living in Maine, candles have always been a consistent fixture in my home. I found that a candle's fragrance and glow helps me relax, stay cozy during a cold Winter night and entice a mood of joy. We each have our own connection. Even the fragrance free has the ability to let us focus on the positive and feel better. 

Happy Crow Candles was a personal and wonderful way to share my love of candles and Nature, which drove the creation for the whimsical birds. I wanted to add a bit of personality and humor to my candles. I also added a line of Totem Animals to share with you! Nature is a part of us and staying connected is important. This connection keeps us grounded during difficult times and being true to ourselves. 

And recently, I started the Herb Collection with Curly Tail Fairy Mouse. The character of Curly Tail has been in the works for over 6 years. So the idea of combining candles with such a magical creature seemed so natural. The fragrance of the Herbs are definitely magical!

The production is simple, only small batches for melting so every candle is treated with individual care and attention to provide the best quality. I use soy wax and cotton wicks for a healthier, cleaner burn. 

I hope you enjoy your candles! I truly appreciate your support!

Take care and stay well!

Owner/Candlemaker/Graphic Designer/Artist